K2 Global Communications Connects You to Your Customers

K2 Global Communications is an American-run marketing, communications and public relations firm based in Israel.

We aggressively target your potential customers and key influencers with our niche-focused, action-oriented marcom and PR. Our international support – from Asia in the morning to Silicon Valley at night – reaches your clients worldwide.

Partner with K2 for a flexible, customized plan to drive your market presence, enhance lead generation, and strengthen your bottom line.


We all love the big hits in Forbes, but these don’t necessarily put you in front of the key decision makers in your industry. We research and pursue the journalists, analysts, and bloggers who connect directly with your qualified sales leads.


K2 pursues and secures recognition from the people your target audiences respect. We know how to build your presence and systematically and relentlessly do so. It doesn’t matter if you have the best solution on the market if nobody knows about it. We make sure they do.


K2’s goal is to enhance your bottom line. A thorough, integrated marcom and PR plan makes all the difference. We generate interest from key audiences, funnel leads into your sales channel, and enhance your chances of securing new rounds of funding.