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It doesn’t matter if you have the best product on the market if no one knows you’re there.


Targeted PR reaches key influencers, driving long-term sales growth
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Inbound & Content Marketing

Comprehensive, holistic strategy and tactics generate MQLs and SQLs
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Social Media

Ongoing communications strengthen your brand and client relationships
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Synch Your Communications to Your Business Goals

Feed your marketing & sales funnel.
Build organic traffic to generate leads.

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Our Clients Say

  • Thanks to K2, we were able to define messaging, increase brand recognition, and support our sales.
    Maor Goldberg, former CEO, Whitebox Security
  • We expanded our global media presence, establishing us as market player, thanks to K2.
    Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence
  • K2 delivers the value of a seasoned U.S. agency with global reach, but with local access.
    Yoran Sirkis, former CEO, Covertix
  • K2 broadened our international exposure. They've always been willing to jump in and help at the last moment. I warmly recommend them.
    Noa Benari, VP Marketing, SecuredTouch
  • K2 immediately recognized the disruptive force of our genomic technology and continues to work tirelessly, securing articles in leading outlets.
    Gil Ronen, President, NRGene
  • I brought K2 with me after working with them in a previous role. They did what they always do – hit the ground running – and secured articles in a wide range of publications, from USA Today to HelpNet Security.
    Daniela Perlmutter, Vice President of Marketing at CyberInt
  • We’ve worked with Amy and Larry on and off for several years. We keep going back to them because of their laser-like focus on reaching our very narrow, highly technical audience.
    Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer & Head of Marketing of OpenLegacy

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