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Limited internal resources and external connections prevent you from achieving all your marketing and sales goals.

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We always talk about third-party endorsements; here are some of ours

  • We truly appreciate your hard work, and thank you for the time and effort. It was great working together; you helped us a lot to get to where we are, and the journey was fun!
    Or Shin, Chief Business Officer, Oriient
  • Launching a company is exhilarating, especially when you’ve created a unique, paradigm-shifting tech. Amy immediately grasped the benefits of our zero-trust enterprise browser. Long story short, we had a very successful launch and having the K2 team and Amy at hand was very impactful – and still is. Thanks to their assistance, we’re making a strong and lasting impression on the market.
    Moty Jacob, CEO & Co-founder, SURF Security
  • We keep coming back to K2 because of their rapid grasp of the market and our core value, the quality of the content they compose, and the speed that they deliver it. The fact that their CEO’s background is in a medically related field told me that significant scientific rigor would be applied, and the quality of their materials reflects this strongly.
    Marc Kenigsberg, CMO of Antidote Health
  • We have worked on and off with Amy and K2 for several years. It was – and is – reassuring knowing that they’re always ready to jump in to help us with their exceptional experience, connections, and skill.
    Liat Malki, Head of Marketing, Accelario
  • This is my second time working with Amy, Larry, and the team. Fortunately, they have experience in my current field, agriculture, too. Now, due to their efforts, F&Bs are being exposed to our tech, which will ultimately lead to a more food-secure world and greater profits for everyone throughout the supply chain.
    Amir Rubin, VP Marketing, Agritask
  • K2 has been around the security and telecommunications industries for so long that they’re familiar with the influencers and have the right relationships and know-how to provide the best coverage and outcome. From their exhaustive messaging process to providing well-crafted content, they ensure that we get in front of the right people in a very crowded vertical.
    Shiri Smid, Marketing Director, FirstPoint Mobile Guard
  • I’ve worked with the K2 team on several PR projects across a variety of engagements. The team’s industry network and approach to publication outreach were key to securing multiple writeups including mentions in articles on key tier 1 websites and byline placements. I highly recommend working with K2, especially for high growth SaaS ventures looking to rise above the buzzworthy noise.
    Ohad Flinker, Digital Transformation Evangelist & LinkedIn Influencer
  • K2 truly understands our market. Their extensive knowledge from years of experience in big data, software development, digital transformation, AI, and mainframe/legacy technologies means that they consistently deliver media placements that reach our potential clients.
    Tamar Milstein, CMO of Model9
  • We worked with K2 to spread the news about a client’s partnership with a Chinese company. Their success in promoting the news globally lead to a major sales lead in the American market.
    Kathrin Lotto Shabat, Embrite Technology Marketing
  • As one of K2’s first clients, I still happily recommend them for my technology and startup clients. They are easy to work with, they "get" tech, and they don't stop until they achieve the desired results.
    Rebecca Steinberg Herson, The Lean Marketer
  • K2 pitches fresh ideas, ensures we leverage breaking news, and promotes our exclusive research, all highlighting our competitive advantages.
    Chen Dembo, Digital Marketing & Growth Manager, Cyberint
  • We’ve worked with Amy and Larry on and off for several years. We keep going back to them because of their laser-like focus on reaching our very narrow, highly technical audience.
    Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer & Head of Marketing of OpenLegacy
  • I brought K2 with me after working with them in a previous role. They did what they always do – hit the ground running – and secured articles in a wide range of publications, from USA Today to HelpNet Security.
    Daniela Perlmutter, Former Vice President of Marketing at CyberInt
  • K2 immediately recognized the disruptive force of our genomic technology and continues to work tirelessly, securing articles in leading outlets.
    Gil Ronen, President, NRGene
  • K2 broadened our international exposure. They've always been willing to jump in and help at the last moment. I warmly recommend them.
    Noa Benari, Former VP Marketing, SecuredTouch
  • K2 delivers the value of a seasoned U.S. agency with global reach, but with local access.
    Yoran Sirkis, CEO, Seemplicity
  • We expanded our global media presence, establishing us as market player, thanks to K2.
    Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence
  • Thanks to K2, we were able to define messaging, increase brand recognition, and support our sales.
    Maor Goldberg, Former CEO, Whitebox Security